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Der gøres opmærksom på at Krakamarken ikke længere vedligeholdes, og derfor ikke kan forventes
at fremstå som beskrevet på hjemmesiden

KRAKAMARKEN no longer exist in reality. You will find it partly documented on this site and more thoroughly in the book by the founder Jørn Rønnau: “KRAKAMARKEN – land art as process.” (See menu).

KRAKAMARKEN was a natural en-
vironment in the center of Denmark, where international visual artists worked with natural materials and the processes of nature.

KRAKAMARKEN was a public sculp-
ture park situated 7 km south of the city of Randers. The 70 acres of hilly Jutland countryside are still open to the public from sunrise till sunset.

Visiting KRAKAMARKEN was a unique experience: The beautiful and quiet natural environment with its ever changing artworks
offered a surprising walk and an opportunity for contemplation and meditation. The delicate changes and processes caused by time, light, wind, rain and the seasons made this area fascinating to visit all year round.

KRAKA - a Princess from Nordic Mythology

The structure of KRAKAMARKEN
is changing  in 1999.
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KRAKAMARKEN, Brusgaardsvej 25, DK-8900  Randers, Denmark.

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